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    Nov 15, 2023

  • The Highest Mountains are coming to Cornwall CT, again!

    IronHike Endurance Series - Mohawk Mountain: The Ultimate Mountain Challenge


    Join the IronHike Endurance Series at Mohawk Mountain, Connecticut, USA, on June 1st and again on October 5th of 2024 for a one-of-a-kind event that blends hiking, trail running, camping, and extreme endurance in a single or multi-day format. You can pick from five events, each with different distances, elevations, and time limits:


    Clingmans Dome - 15 Miles | 7,140' Elevation | 12-Hour

    Double Dome - 28+ Miles | 13,685' Elevation | 24-Hour

    Denali - 43+ Miles | 20,825' Elevation | 48-Hour

    Everest - 61+ Miles | 29,155' Elevation | 72-Hour

    Olympus Mons - 152+ Miles | 72,590' Elevation | 84-Hour


    The IronHike Endurance Series is the creation of US Army Veteran, John Kolker, a sudden cardiac arrest survivor, who in 2011 suddenly flatlined of a full-blown catastrophic double artery blockage, he says:


    "It was a terrifying experience that made me realize how fragile life is. When I came out of a coma, and after surgery, I decided to embrace endurance events as a way to challenge myself and improve my health. I have since hiked the full 2,193.1 miles of the Appalachian Trail, competed in 15 triathlons, hiked the New England Trail from end-to-end, and completed a pilgrimage hike of the Camino de Santiago in Portugal and Spain. Now, with my co-founding veteran buddies, we have created the IronHike Endurance Series for those who want to prove themselves right about themselves. It is meant to help you change the story you tell yourself in your own head about you! It is ordinary people taking on extraordinary challenges and allowing them to change their lives. We created IronHike to be the everesting challenge for everyone, no cheating on chairlifts or gondolas and NO $5K price tag. We’ve also included a challenge that’s twice as hard as everesting: Olympus Mons, the highest mountain in the solar system on Mars!”


    You can go solo, buddy up with a friend, or form a team of four in our FlexRelay format, where you can switch Mountain Athletes anytime. You will camp in the base camp near the course with other mountain athletes and spectators. This is an all-weather event, so be ready for anything!


    The IronHike Endurance Series will take place at Mohawk Mountain Ski Area, located in Cornwall, CT. Cornwall is a town in Litchfield County, named after the county of Cornwall, England. It is known as “the Greenest Town in Connecticut” for its forested land and natural beauty.


    This event is perfect for you to raise funds and awareness for your cause. We are super supportive of using these events as a vehicle for fundraising and socializing issues of significance.


    Register now at https://www.ironhike.com/#register-now before we fill up!


    For more details, visit https://www.ironhike.com/ or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


    See you on the mountain!


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