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    our Mountain Athletes care and trek for various causes...

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    Paul Sealy - Do Good Pantry

    Clingmans Dome Mountain Athlete

    Mohawk Mountain, Fall 2023


    Our Mission

    People should not have to sacrifice their health for their hunger. Our long term mission is to create free fresh food outlets in food desert communities inspiring a culture of sharing and educating our neighbors on self-sustained gardening.


    Contact Us

    Find out how you can help!

    There are so many ways to support our mission. Contact us @DoGoodPantry to find out more about volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, and ways to add a mini mart in your community.


    DoGood Pantry

    Serving the Carolina’s

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    Get your cause listed here...

    1 . Register for one of our events

    2. During registration, you will be asked about your cause

    3. We will reach out to you to get more information about your cause and/or fundraising

    4. Feel free to book a call with us to talk about your cause before you register

    5. You "Do" the IronHike event and share with followers of your cause

    6. No minimum donation requirements

    7. Just get on up there and back down for your cause

    8. We discount registrations for verifiable charities


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