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The Everesting Craze

· Cliff Anders

By Cliff Anders

Why not Everesting? Ever since I started lifting weights to augment my development in the sports of football and wrestling at age 12, I realized that people have been challenging themselves and others through the creation of hard events since the dawn of time. The challenge I gave myself came about after I was dragged along on a hiking trip as a child and I did not perform on the mountain the way I thought I would. Just two years later, I was going straight up mountain sides, and three years later I'd become a 4 year Varsity starter on my football team and it would take me to the Division 1 level in College Football as well. So, the challenges were met, accomplished, and the outcome was extraordinary.

So Why Everest? Well, ever since hearing of a man, who found a way to not only measure his mettle by comparing the elevation gain of a bicycle ride that equals the elevation gain of his grandfather who disappeared on the actual mountain in 1924, why wouldn't you try it? There is a type of person who determines that they will challenge themselves, to see what they can accomplish. Some do it to measure their abilities. A lot of times people who do these types of challenges find they perform way better than they thought they would or could. As was my case when I was just 12 years old and then when I got to 18, I thought I was invincible. I doubled down on the tasks and made major accomplishments in my life. I was brimming with confidence. I knew I was capable of so much more based on my challenging myself through the physical challenges I took on. And it proved to be so helpful to silently explain to me that the sky literally was the limit. So, when it comes to Everesting... Why Not?

The phenomenon of Everesting on a bicycle, while really cool, does has its limitations when it comes to someone who doesn't cycle. So, as a hiker, I would want to hike it; slog it, jog it, run it, but I'm not a cyclist as much as I am a hiker and also an expert at rucking/road marching and sprinting. So, when it comes to a challenge like hiking, and doing it in your country instead of Nepal, Tennessee, Alaska, or Mars, then I'd pick a challenge like IronHike to test my mettle! You can get outside in the mountain air, but have plenty of oxygen in a social environment where you can test yourself! You can prove it to yourself! If you've already proven yourself in other ways, then you can further test and enjoy yourself! These types of events are put together by those who know they would benefit and enjoy these events and know there are plenty of people just like us, trying to find great events like this in order to congregate, and find their tribe where they can relate and experience it! Just like I started doing it 34 years ago.  

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Cliff Anders is a frequent contributor to the Iron WeBlog. Cliff is an IronHike Co-founding advisor, strong hiker, accomplished musician, and a Longbow Apache Pilot US Army Veteran.
Cliff's love of trail is unparalleled. Cliff goes by the trailname "Bushwacker".