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    David Ayers - New England Forestry Foundation

    Clingmans Dome Mountain Athlete

    Mohawk Mountain, Fall 2023


    As the country's third-largest land trust, New England Forestry Foundation (NEFF) is committed to the conservation of forestland for the benefit of all. Hikers, runners, cyclists, skiers, hunters, and avid naturalists enjoy a variety of recreational opportunities on NEFF land. NEFF's forward-thinking climate initiatives in Exemplary Forestry harness the power of forests as a nature-based solution to climate change. The responsible management of forests, which provide us with the necessities of life, ought to be of paramount concern.


    As a hiker and trail runner, I feel called to support these initiatives to ensure the conservation of forests for future generations. As an employee and supporter of NEFF myself, I know the importance of financial gifts in the advancement of this mission. NEFF uses each gift efficiently and to the greatest effect. For these reasons, I dedicate my participation in IronHike to NEFF and humbly ask for your donation to this worthy non-profit.


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