• IronHike Endurance Events

    First-timers, day-hikers, long-distance hikers, trail-runners, ordinary or elite, young and old all on the same mountain.

  • Everest - 61+ Miles | 29,155' Elevation | 72-Hour | Individual

    29,155 Feet Elevation Gain and Loss!

    No flat areas all up and all down.

    49 Laps on Mohawk Mountain Trail.

    72-hour event.


    IronHike Endurance Series

    Mohawk Mountain Ski Area, Cornwall, CT 06753 US

    Event Dates: Saturday June 1, 2024 - Tuesday June 4, 2024

    Start Time: 10:00am EDT

    End Time: 10:00am EDT


    Highest Summit on Earth

    Significance: This is our version of the currently popular event known as "Everesting". What makes us a bit different is that it is completely self-powered, with no lifts, so you are trekking to the equivalent elevation of Everest and back down! This is NOT a race, this is an investment in you. Do something over-the-top hard and let it change you for the better.

    Participation: Individual, Trail Buddy, and Trail Teams.

    Description: You will have 3 days to get up and down the mountain at our venue until you reach the whopping elevation gain (and loss) equivalent to the highest Mountain on Earth found at the Mahalangur Himal, Himalayas in Nepal and China!

    Type: Everesting Challenge | Power-hike | Trail Run | Endurance Challenge | Ski Slope Loop | Ultra Distance.

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