• IronHike Endurance Events

    First-timers, day-hikers, long-distance hikers, trail-runners, ordinary or elite, young and old all on the same mountain.

  • Denali - 43+ Miles | 20,825' Elevation | 48-Hour | Individual

    20,825 Feet Elevation Gain and Loss!

    No flat areas all up and all down.

    35 Laps on Mohawk Mountain Trail.

    48-hour event.


    IronHike Endurance Series

    Mohawk Mountain Ski Area, Cornwall, CT 06753 US

    Event Dates: Saturday June 1, 2024 - Monday June 3, 2024

    Start Time: 10:00am EDT

    End Time: 10:00am EDT


    Highest Summit in USA / North America

    Significance: This is the perfect "Damn-this-is-hard" weekend mountain trek! Get it done in 48 hours and get back to your other life on Monday.

    Participation: Individual Mountain Athletes, Trail Buddy, and Trail Teams

    Description: You will have 2 days to get up and down the mountain until you reach the elevation gain (and loss) equivalent to the tallest mountain in North America, located in south-central Alaska. This one is perfect for serious mountain athletes who want to invest a whole weekend.

    Type: Power-hike | Trail Run | Endurance Challenge | Ski Slope Loop | Ultra Distance.

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